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NetEnt, that unadorned king of the casino gaming world, is behind several super-popular casino games. One of the most popular and best known is Dead Or Alive. In time, the Wild West game started its own small genre, as many games of the same style can now be found on the market. The Wild West is, of course, an excellent theme because it is known to everyone and there are so many different recognizable things on offer: sheriff, Outlaws, revolver, horses, desert and cacti, saloons, and dozens of other objects or things, so NetEnt has had a hard job just choosing symbols.

dead or alive slot machine free demo playDead Or Alive is quite an old game, as NetEnt released this cult favorite as early as November 2013. The age of the game is reflected in both graphics and game features, but the popularity of this old fashioned game has not been affected – Dead Or Alive is among the most popular casino games from year to year. The game’s sounds, on the other hand, has not aged at all and continues to work brilliantly, but this is not surprising, of course, if the theme is a historical period – pistols are popping and horses are still hanging in the same way as in the 19th century United States.

Dead or Alive Slot Machine Game Play

Dead Or Alive is a very traditional slot machine. There are five reels, three rows, and only nine pay lines. However, the lack of pay lines does nothing to hurt, as with the game’s special features, it is not difficult to get wins.

The minimum bet in the game is slightly exceptional, as it is £0.09. The maximum bet is also a relatively special £18, which means you can’t sink into a Dead Or Alive game at once. However, even small stakes can lead to big wins, as, for example, winning bets of nearly £10,000 with stakes smaller than £1 are not uncommon in Dead Or Alive.

Dead or Alive Theme and Symbols

The Wild West rises in popularity at regular intervals and although Western films have not been seen much in recent years, Dead Or Alive slot has managed to maintain its popularity throughout the years. Compared to new games, Dead Or Alive is a bit old-fashioned, but to be honest, it has aged quite gracefully. The music and effects still look and sound great, but the symbols of the game are the biggest thing in creating the atmosphere.

A glass of whiskey will fit in quite a few times and places, but the Wild West, the saloon, and the whiskey is the kind of combination that everyone recognizes. In addition to the whiskey glass, the Dead or Alive symbols naturally include boots, a pistol belt, a sheriff’s star, and a cowboy hat. The symbol set is complemented by a, K, Q, J, and 10.

Wilds, Scatters, and Special Features

As a wild symbol, the game uses two different images. The “Wanted” poster is the game’s standard wild symbol, and can replace any other symbol on the reels except scatter. During free spins, the Wild symbol can become the Sticky Wild symbol, which, according to its name, clings to its place and does not move during free spins at all. If you happen to get more Sticky Wild symbols on the reels during free spins, you will get five more free spins. So you can also get more free spins when the free spins function is already running, but the number of Free Spins is limited to 29. Sticky Wild symbols can only appear when you get to free rounds.

The Free Spins feature is one of Dead Or Alive slot’s best features and is certainly a big reason for its continued popularity among online casino players. The free spins bonus starts when you get at least three scatters on the reels and as a reward you get 12 free spins. The Scatter symbol can be identified by the cross-mounted pistols and the symbol can appear on any position on the reels. If you get to play free rounds, play them with the same bet and coin value you started that round.
One of the best features of the free spins feature is that you get all the coins you win during free spins doubled! This is also true for possible additional rounds, meaning that all profits come in double.

Betting Options and Winning Potential

The Dead Or Alive stakes are quite interesting, as the minimum bet is £0.09 and the maximum £18. A comparatively small maximum bet for high stakes players, but in fact Dead Or Alive offers a really high maximum winning potential compared to the stakes: the maximum win in the game is as much as £54,000!

Dead or Alive Slot RTP % and Volatility

Dead or Alive slot machine has high volatility which means that the players need to be patient and wait for those wins to appear, and we mean big wins. So you may lose your temper, but when the wins come, they come big! The return to player rate of this slot machine is slightly above average, that is, it comes with RTP of 96.82%.

Dead or Alive Slot Mobile Version

NetEnt has not risen to the top of the casino gaming world by luck, so it is no surprise that a high-end mobile version of Dead Or Alive has been made. The touch version for smaller screens works smoothly and all the features of the game can be found in this version. Dead Or Alive has never relied on fine graphics, but the game even looks surprisingly beautiful on the screens of smartphones and tablets, and the sound effects works just as well as in the desktop version.

Dead or Alive and Similar Slots

Dead Or Alive is structured in such a simple slot machine that casino games built with the same formula have dozens, if not hundreds, on the market. However, the game started with the release of an avalanche of games set in the Wild West or during the Gold Rush, i.e. different types, but more or less similar games have been released in recent years.

NetEnt offers Wild Wild West slot machine, for example. Microgaming, perhaps NetEnt’s biggest competitor, brought us Liquid Gold, while Playtech who was inspired by the reputation of the most famous Western film actor of all time created its John Wayne game. So it becomes clear that even if you were playing one Western-themed game per day, you could easily play for a couple of months. So you should test the games with free versions (right here at our website), so you can find the one that suits you best, but what is certain is that Dead Or Alive, regardless of its age, is among the best games in this genre.

Final Words On Dead or Alive Slot

When talking about casino games, you can fairly bet that if NetEnt publishes the game it will be at least moderately successful but generally excellent. Dead Or Alive slot has been a surprisingly successful release for the Swedish company, however, as there are not many games on the market that still dominate the lists of the most popular games for years after their release.

Dead Or Alive is a combination of simplicity and enough special features. It is easy for beginners to get involved, but on the other hand, there are enough different features and, above all, the possibility of winning big enough. A winning bet of over £50,000 with a maximum bet of £18 is attractive, although of course no one easily wins it.

The Wild West theme is a great choice (you might also want to check out this game’s successor – dead or alive 2 slot machine)from NetEnt, as it is known to everyone and at the time of the game’s release, the same type of games were not yet available. There are a lot of games on the market that shine only with their features and the themes are bland or nonexistent, but Dead Or Alive is a great slot game for both its theme and game play.