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Christmas 2018 was embellished by a great holiday slot machine. This time, Fat Rabbit game producer Push Gaming introduced a new Christmas-themed slot called Fat Santa. The game has all the features of Christmas, sweetened with a little humorous twist.

fat santa slot play for free indemo mode-minIn this game, the player has the perfect chance to win their own bet 6,405 times back. So don’t miss Christmas season with exciting activities.

Because we love Christmas, we made a full-length review of this game that you can read below. In addition, you can try out Fat Santa slot for free here at our website and enjoy the game yourself.

Fat Santa Slot Machine and Its Features

In Fat Santa game, players will enjoy the wonderful world of Christmas. This game immediately turns the stressed mood into a more relaxed one, and as a result of a few twists we managed to win small amounts. In the game, the player will find 5 reels and 5 rows with 25 pay lines. There are cartoon-like symbols, such as packages from snow, Christmas tree decorations, elf, Snowman, and reindeer.

Small profits are paid by Christmas tree decorations, which also include card icons, gift packages and a snowman. The reindeer symbol in the game is worth the pursuit, as it pays the best profits that can go up to 20x the stake.

Fat Santa himself can also fly his reindeer from one side of the screen to another, throwing fairy-tale wild symbols around the screen. The wild symbol of the game is a pie. As with all slot games, the wild symbol increases the chances of winning even more by substituting other regular symbols on the reels. Although Santa flies from one side to the other relatively often, it is not a guarantee for the wild symbol to appear.

Fat Santa Slot Free Spins Bonus

The free spins feature found in Fat Santa slot will entertain the players for sure. To activate it, however, you need to succeed in getting the pie wild, which Santa throws on the screen and a pie at the same time. After the free spins are activated, Santa starts to devour pies that increase the size of the symbol. Every pie eaten, raises the meter found at the edge of the screen. As the meter fills up, you can also notice that Santa is also getting bigger. At the beginning of the game, Santa is 1×1 in size, then can be enlarged to 5×5 in size, so that the symbol fills the entire game screen. In addition to five free spins, the player can snap individual free spins relatively easily, at any point in the game.

Push Gaming also released a new bonus feature that allows players to buy bonus rounds. This is good, especially for players who can’t wait for the bonus rounds to be activated. By buying free spins, you can play rounds whose winnings can cost you a bet of 80x.

Fat Santa Slot RTP % Rate and Winning Potential

You can bet on Fat Santa in the game from £0.25 to £25. This is a mid-level volatility slot, which means that it returns little all-round gains relatively often, but still less often than a high-volatility game. Fat Santa slot’s return percentage is 96.45%, which is relatively good, that is, it’s an average high return to player rate.

We are also pleased with the ease with which Bonus functions trigger. The player has a chance to win up to 6,405x total stake. This is possible when Santa gets fat in his biggest size. This jackpot amount certainly warms the minds of many players. You don’t want to go looking for a million winnings from a game, but you can win a lot of it with luck.

Fat Santa Slot Graphics and Sounds

Fat Santa’s graphics create a Christmassy mind, right in the unity of the first twists. The Christmas spirit in the game creates its visual effects and sound effects, which are wintry but also Christmas-like at the same time. Behind the grid, the player can marvel at the wonderful snowy landscape, which also holds a Christmas tree. In addition to the graphics, this game has really pleasant sounds, and listening to them does not cause greater pain as in some slots.

Final Words On Fat Santa Slot Machine

Fat Santa is the bringer of a true Christmas spirit. This game works with the same idea as Fat Rabbit, which was released at Easter, and became a player’s favourite at a terrible pace. The game does not contain a huge number of special functions, but the functions that are incorporated are relatively easy to trigger without the need for larger teeth clenching.

The player can start betting on the game from £0.25 and the maximum bet is not too high, as at the highest level the player can play rounds of £25. At the moment, the player has the opportunity to fatten Santa with the Pies into a condition that increases the winning bet to 6,405 times the bet. If you want to stay in Christmas spirit then you may try out Microgaming’s Secret Santa slot and enjoy the holiday joys to the fullest.