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NetEnt’s iconic Mega Joker slot game doesn’t mess with special effects or complex extra game modes, but is a slot machine at its purest. The game is not even intended to be an actual online casino game – it is more like a replica of the slot machines in land-based casinos. All elements of the game are as authentic as possible, from the actual game screen to the green plants next to the game machine.

The simple Mega Joker slot has three reels, three rows, and five pay lines. There are another ten winning symbols in the game and the jackpot is £2,000. However, the seemingly straightforward slot machine has one special feature: in addition to the regular game screen, it also has a second screen of three reels and five pay lines, allowing the player to multiply their winnings.

play mega joker slot machine for free in demo modeNetEnt, known for its spectacular and modern video slots, has purposely stripped Mega Joker of all that is unnecessary. There are minimal buttons in the game, as is customary in physical slot machines; only the collect, bet, max bet, and spin buttons can be found on the screen, and the available game resources are presented in a clear format. You can choose the value of the coin between 10p and £1.

If old-school slots are your cup of tea than don’t miss to check out Lucky 7 slot by Betsoft. On the other hand, if modern slots are more your thing, then there is a big pool of amusing slots to choose from especially from game developer who brought us this simple Mega Joker slot machine. This said, Twin Spin or its sister Twin Spin Deluxe slot is a modern take on old-school fruity slots that bring a lot of excitement to the table. And of course, the favourite Starburst slot machine is still and always be a must-try.

Mega Joker Slot RTP % and Volatility

There are only two wagering levels, so the Mega Joker cannot be blamed for excessive coin flip. The game’s return rate is as high as 99 % which is about the highest you can get, while its volatility stands at high as well. The game was released in 2013 and has since been included in the selection of all the major online casinos. Read More What Mega Joker contains!

Wagering and Pay lines

Mega Joker’s game play mechanism is simple. The player selects the value of the coin which is £0.10, £0.20 or £1. The size of the coin does not affect the probability of winning, but only the odds of winning, but there is little choice in the two-way betting operation.

Only the first pay line is open with a single coin, which is the middle horizontal line of the game reels, while all five pay lines can be played with 10 coins. The price for a single round of games, which is converted into real money, is therefore at least 10p and at most £10. Betting on the game is fair in the light of profit expectations, but when playing on a single pay line it is useless to dream of big wins. The game is not very popular with high rollers.

Mega Joker pay lines are easy to see; each horizontal line is its own pay line, and the symbol lines from corner to corner also win when played at 10 coin betting levels. In the Mega Joker slot machine, you only win with full winning lines, so the entire pay line must consist of one and the same symbol. The same is true for Supermeter rounds, which you can play after a winning spin if you wish.

More than one pay line can win in the same spin, so the total winnings can reach up to hundreds of coins. When a player wins, he or she can choose whether to bet the winning amount in Supermeter rounds or cash out with the collect button. The win can also be scattered and played in Supermeter rounds only part of the pot.

Mega Joker Slot and Its Symbols

There are a total of nine different winning symbols in the game. Of the winning patterns in the base game, cherry and lemon are the lowest in value, as they cost only 10 or 20 coins depending on the bet level. Watermelon brings either 40 or 80 coin winnings and watches to 100 and 200 coin rotations. The treasure chest, on the other hand, earns either 200 or 2,000 coins, depending on the level of wagering selected.

The Joker symbol is, of course, the most valuable symbol of Mega Joker slot, and it yields a one – coin bet of 10 to 200 coins. With 10 coins, a full line of jokers will earn 20 to 400 coins for the player. The true magnitude of the Joker’s win is determined at random by the mystery feature.

In the Supermeter round, the values of the winning symbols go up. You can get 100 or 200 coins for a cherry, 200 or 400 coins for a lemon, 500 or 1,000 coins for a watermelon, and 600 or 1,200 coins for a bell. The winning odds of the Supermeter rounds are also determined by the selected bet level. With three Jokers, the player wins a fixed amount of 1,000 or 2,000 coins in the Supermeter round.

There are also a few additional symbols, that is, orange, grapes, and lucky sevens. The Orange is equal in value to the cherry and the grapes to the lemon, with the exception that the grapes win 10 coins with a stake of 500 coins. The Sevens, in turn, bring a profit of 800 or 2,000 coins.

Bonus Features

The Mega Joker game has no actual bonus features, at least not on the scale that nowadays casino players are used to. The slot is completely devoid of wilds and scatters, but the Supermeter turns bring some extra stress to the slot game. The player can choose to play Supermeter rounds at the end of the winning round, as long as the total win of the round is at least 20 coins.

Supermeter Feature

The minimum bet on a single Supermeter round is also 20 coins, but you can also make a 40, 100, or even 200 round bet for big wins. The player can activate the Supermeter round at the end of the winning round by pressing the spin button. If the winning amount is 40 coins or more, you can change the round bet as usual with the bet button.

When a player starts a game of Supermeter, he bets his entire winning bet on additional rounds. At any point, however, supermeter rounds can be interrupted by the withdrawal of the remaining pot. In Supermeter rounds all the winning points are higher than in the base game, but at the two largest, i.e. 100 and 200 coin wagering levels, the Joker symbol also acts as a scatter substitute in Mega Joker: if the Joker appears with 100 coins on the middle roll, it will give the player a 100-2,000 coin win.

When playing with a maximum bet, the Joker symbol that appears anywhere on the board brings the corresponding winning amount. The Supermeter rounds can also achieve multiple line wins with a single spin, but the jackpot in the game is £2,000.


For nostalgia-hungry or realism-seeking players, the Mega Joker slot machine is an unexceptional acquaintance. Games that mimic the atmosphere of land-based casino gaming machines are somewhat available at online casinos, but Mega Joker is one of the best.

Fortunately, too much veracity has been forgotten in the sound design, and no disturbing human noise has been added to the background of the game, which, admittedly, is part of the genuine casino spirit – at the online casino, it is mainly annoying. A few low-key sound effects, such as clicking on reels, instead support the game play experience. It is not only in the name of modernization that a simple coin game concept has been attempted to modernize in the form of various video effects or additional game modes, and NetEnt, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, deserves a hat-trick.

Mega Joker can’t compete with modern slots in betting options, winnings or bonus game modes, and it doesn’t need to. It’s aimed at players who need a straightforward and fair playing experience. A relatively small jackpot of £2,000 is a trivial aside when the game is otherwise fully implemented on the players’ terms. A renowned and trusted manufacturer ensures that Mega Joker has enough new eager players year after year.

The high return rate, functional concept, and stripped-down layout make sure that many of those new players return to the rollers again and again. Mega Joker is a model of how a physical gaming machine can be moved almost as such to a virtual environment, and therefore belongs to every casino player’s roster.