Megaclusters Slots – Big Time Gaming’s Next Story

megaclusters slots big time gaming

The gaming industry saw one of its biggest changes in the 2015-2016 time period during online gaming when Australian Big Time Gaming released its first Megaways slot. Prior to this, they had accumulated a wealth of experience in this field since the previous millennium, but the breakthrough in online casinos came with this completely new type of game, perhaps faster than any other game manufacturer ever had before or since.

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The first Megaways slots were, in the eyes of the general public, perhaps a little boring, and the bonus and free spins functions were behind the work and the pain. Opinions were clearly divided, but at least they sparked a lot of debate – as they do to this day. Despite these weaknesses, many big wins pictures and videos had enough power to impress players. Many players wanted some kind of change to perhaps the slightly stagnant development of casino games, now receiving higher volatility video slots that might, with luck, put their previous record wins in the trash.

Few, however, expected that in what way this really completely foreign game manufacturer would come to reshape the gaming industry. Looking back to the mid-2010s and coming from there to the present day, this Big Time Gaming engine has already been used by a double-digit number of game manufacturers and we have already received more than 100 Megaways games from them, and there are no signs of the end of them in sight.

star clusters megaclusters slot big time gaming

So much for them, because in June 2020 Big Time Gaming presented us with a completely new product – perhaps in line with the title of their new success story, Megaclusters- a game called Star Clusters Megaclusters. After the previous, though still continuous, an era of more than five years, it was an excellent seam to create something new.

We believe that all game manufacturers are always doing their best, but since the mid-2010, we have mainly moved forward with the look of the games and at least no major change in the game play and content of video games has occurred if mobile gaming is not considered as such. For example, Virtual Reality gaming has not hit so hard as you might once have imagined. Perhaps it is that in the end Big Time Gaming was the one to which both players and other game manufacturers turn their attention, and there is almost one and the same thing that is going on elsewhere if there is any news from Australia.

In order not to give all the credit to BTG, Yggdrasil must also be praised at this point, and why not ELK Studios for its active work in front of new and truly spectacular casino games, which have already had some of the mechanisms and functions that resemble Megaclusters before.

What Are Megaclusters Slots?

Megaclusters slots are the first to bring to mind grid slots or whatever you call them – perhaps in someone’s terms tetris or grid slots? They have been extremely popular throughout the previous decade and the 2020s. The craze was started by Play’n Go and since then, more or less each of the larger game manufacturers has released a number of grid slots, which over the years have seen significant developments both in the base game and in special and free spins bonuses, while volatility has started to touch the sky and maximum gains have been even ten thousand times the stakes.

From these video slots created on the bottom of a square grid, different versions have been seen and some game houses have completely new variations. Eventually, BTG decided to make their first version of grid-slots, renaming it Megaclusters, which again led to them immediately drawing all attention to themselves weeks before the official release of Star Clusters Megaclusters.

star clusters slot megaclusters

It’s hard to know what it sounded like for other game manufacturers after all the years and published grid-slots, when the players followed this newer newcomer again. If anything good for others, the cooperation agreements will continue with this type of game, which they will be able to use again for years to make megaclusters.

If the Megaclusters game is defined by Star Clusters Megaclusters, it is a grid/video slot created on a 4×4 grid, with 16 winning patterns by default – a bit like Big Time Gaming’s Donuts. The actual Megaclusters function is activated from all winning combinations of at least five winning patterns during both the base game and the free spins feature. In the base game, each winning pattern is split into four parts, so that instead of the previous winning pattern of 16, there are 64, and in the free rounds, that number can be divided again by four up to 256.

It should be stressed, however, that this is only a single example, and time will show that the Megaclusters will eventually drift, both by Big Time Gaming and possibly by other game manufacturers. Let’s compare it to the first Megaways games like Bonanza, Dragon Born and Queen of Riches – all of them extremely popular casino games to this day, but in the future, we started to get more and more different content for the basic game as well as other features, which has allowed the whole game to hold its own for all these years.

Megaclusters Slots – In The Days To Come

The future of Megaclusters games is, in principle, even more interesting than Megaways games were years ago. This is purely because at the time there was little expectation, let alone foretold what the future would bring.

This time, it’s different. Even though we just defined Megaclusters as a single mould-due to their still small sampling, the situation is clearly going to change. Perhaps bigger game screens, more special and free rounds, jackpot winnings and bonus purchase functions like some Megaways games and video slots have?

It may be that Megaways are deliberately designed to draw a certain line, but reason says that these will evolve over the months and years in the same direction, although always keeping the biggest difference between the grid of regular reels and Megaclusters slot games.

big time gaming megaclusters slot

However, this comparison cannot be avoided, so at the same time we can consider what happens with Megaways games. We don’t think this will mean the end of them, and we can’t say even if Megaclusters are even a real ”threat” to them or anything like that. Even dumber understands that Big Time Gaming does not want to destroy the old one with its new style of play, and these are also so different video slots that neither is out of the other.

However, the example of Big Time Gaming has shown that while such changes in the gaming industry are quite rare, they come in a long run by force – and not necessarily from the direction you would expect the most.

Megaclusters Slots – In Conclusion

There are millions of players around the world and their favorite games can be classified into dozens of different categories. Both classic slot games, low-variance casino games, 243-line video slots, normal grid slots, and jackpot games have maintained their popularity throughout the 2000s, but Megaclusters are apparently the next type of game to be remembered for years after their prime.