Online Casino Streaming – The Gambling Trend On the Rise (Backinamo The Bandit Slots, Rocknrolla, CasinoDaddy, NickSlots, Hypalinx, and more)

Have you enjoyed watching your big brother or friend playing video games? If you have, then you know the thrills behind it; someone is playing a game, you sit behind with your eyes fixed on the screen, rooting for the player, and enjoying the game as if you were the one handling the joystick. We’ve all been there. And now, we have the same thing over-taking the internet just with a little bit of a difference: we get to watch casino streamers spinning the reels of video slots.

What Is Online Casino Streaming?

It all started years back when people began live-streaming their activities from story-telling, singing to playing video games which was and still is one of the biggest trends in the world of online streaming. But what has started to boom over the past few years is the online casino streaming or gambling. Basically, it is the same thing. We have people who stream themselves while playing casino games. The most popular casino game for online streaming is poker but video slots are not lagging behind either and are definitely on the rise. And that is what we’re going to focus on here: video slots and online casino streaming trend.

What’s the Catch With Online Casino Streamers?

Casino streamers are just people who are passionate about gambling and in this case, about video slots. This is why we have casino streamers filming themselves playing slot machines. They get to play their favourite slots, express their passion, show people their skills and luck, and at the same time create a whole social community with their followers where they can talk to each other, exchange opinions, experiences, etc. And what do the people who watch the streamers get?

Well, this is pretty simple as well. Online casino streaming has the ‘power’ of transferring gambling thrills. It is the same thing as with video games we mentioned above: simply there is something enjoyable and entertaining while watching someone else play slot machines. You get to re-live their experience and emotions as well and in a sense feel as if you are the one doing the spinning and the one who’s going to win something.

And after all, you get to enjoy slot machines without risking a single penny as well as be a part of a certain community. Another reason is learning more about particular slot machines. By watching casino streamers, the viewers get to learn more about a slot’s gameplay, features, and basically, how the game works, which ones pay off, and similar. You just simply learn from other people’s experiences and get to have fun and enjoy slot machines without risking a single penny. Watching online casino streamers doing the spinning for you is a great way of doing the research on slots before you decide on spinning it for yourself.

The Biggest Online Platforms For Casino Streamers – Twitch, YouTube

Internet is a big place so there are many sites, that is, platforms where you can find online casino streamers. But the biggest ones or the most popular streaming platforms are most certainly Twitch and YouTube.

For YouTube, we probably don’t need to explain anything. We all know how it all functions there. Now, Twitch is a tv platform launched back in 2011 that was first used for video game streaming. But over the last few years it has become a place for the big community of gamblers, that is, it became the most popular place for online casino streamers. Twitch has, therefore, became the place for casino players to exchange their experiences and learn more about casino games such as slot machines.

This platform is pretty easy to use. You can easily find what you’re looking for via the search bar. To just watch the streamer’s videos you don’t even have to register at the platform. But if you want to be a regular viewer, then creating a Twitch account may be a better solution as you can get smoother access to the streamers you’re interested in, as well as be a part of their community, chat with them, get noted when new streamings take place, and similar.

There is a special Slots section on Twitch where you can find all casino streamers and their videos. There are more than 270k people following the Slots section currently which pretty much shows the popularity of slots streaming trend and this number is only rising each day. The numbers go even higher on YouTube as on each casino streamer’s channel you may find tens of thousands of subscribers and even more views and comments.

Each casino streamer has its own channel (YouTube or Twitch) where the followers or viewers can access the videos of them playing slot machines. If you are following a certain casino streamer and are subscribed to their channel then you will get notifications when they are streaming live and be a part of that slots experience. Many of them have fixed schedules that they follow so you will know upfront when they are streaming live.

Casino Streamers – Giveaways and Competitions For Viewers

Giveaways are, believe it or not, a big part of the casino streamers community. This is a way of showing gratitude to the followers as well as appreciation. Of course, it is also a great way of attracting even more viewers and enriching their streaming channels and communities. Anyway, the giveaways include many generous awards and gifts. Some may give free cash for casino play, various other bonuses, as well as gifts such as smartphones and similar.

There are also competitions for followers or members of their communities which, of course, the result is similar prizes and gifts. For some, the viewer need not click on any affiliate link and sign-up at a certain casino but just become a regular member or subscriber. All in all, these perks are pretty often with online casino streamers so apart for having fun, viewers can from time to time be awarded for their loyalty.

Most Popular Online Casino Streamers

Just like we mentioned earlier in the text, there are so many online casino streamers out there. Some are just starting and beginning their journey while others have already gained a big community of followers and are striving in the world of online casino streaming. Some of those most popular casino streamers include The Bandit Backinamo, Rocknrolla, SlotLady, Casino Daddy, Hypalinx, LetsGiveItASpin, Stop and Step, Mikapekka, Spike Slots, Roshtein, David Labowsky, Craig Slots, Casino Grounds, Jartto84, chipmonkz slots, and more.

Since there are so many of them who are doing a great job, we are going to introduce only some of them a bit closer. We are also preparing more reviews on each of these most popular casino streamers so you will get more insight into their work as well as their best streaming videos.

1. Backinamo – The Bandit Slots

backinamo forum - bandit slots youtube channel

The Bandit is one of the most popular casino streamers with a rising number of followers. He is active on YouTube and you can find him under the name of The Bandit’s Slot Video Channel. Currently, he has more than 45k subscribers and he also has his own website called Backinamo. These two are the places where you can watch him play video slots (his all-time favourite one definitely being Reel King slot). His website contains a forum (backinamo forum) where people can chat and exchange experiences, then all his videos are available on his website as well as all the information about the Bandit’s giveaways, competitions, and prize draws.

2. Rocknrolla

Rocknrolla is another popular casino streaming channel with more than 24k followers on the Twitch platform. Also, his YouTube channel Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel counts almost 60k subscribers which speaks much about his popularity. There are more than 500 slots videos on his YouTube channel and more than 23 million views generated!

3. Casino Daddy

CasinoDaddy is probably the biggest casino streaming channel on Twitch as it counts more than 127,800 followers and more than 1400 casino games videos. And these are only the followers, there are also shy visitors who are not officially members of his community but in total Casino Daddy counts over 8M visitors on Twitch. Of course, since almost each Twitch casino streamer has a YouTube channel, CasinoDaddy can be found there as well with more than 2,000 videos available (slots, table casino games. He is also one of the streamers who offer giveaways in the form of free cash (up to £5k cash prizes), various casino bonuses, and other special gifts.

4. David Labowsky

David Labowsky owns both Twitch and YouTube channel but he’s more active on the latter one under the name of David Labowsky – Casino Streamer. There are 1,062 videos available on his channel at the moment featuring videos about big profits, complete game sessions, and similar. He streams regularly so you can expect a lot of interesting and fun videos from this casino streamers who have so far generated more than 10 million views on his YouTube streaming channel.

5. LetsGiveItASpin

This is yet another popular casino streamer with both Twitch and YouTube channel under the same name: LetsGiveItASpin. You can find more videos on his YouTube channel and most of his gambling sessions last 3 or 4 hours so with his videos you are left with hours and hours of gambling fun and thrills. With more than 21M views on youtube, this former professional poker player offers a lot of entertainment, as well as gambling tips. By joining his community you as a follower can collect points by watching his videos and earn something in return.

Casino Streamers – Is It Only About Fun or Is There More To It?

Of course, for most casino streamers the reason to start what they do is purely for the fun, entertainment, and their passion for gambling. However, there’s another side to it which is perfectly normal and standard to most online streaming, not only casino streamers. What we are talking about is the income side to casino streaming.

While streaming, casino streamers play at a certain online casino, therefore, they are doing the marketing job for that certain operator. By promoting the casinos, they get various bonuses, promotion codes, and all kinds of bonus packages. Also, they act as the affiliates for the casinos they play at and earn their income on the side that way. The streamers will, for example, earn by bringing new players to a certain casino. It is similar to, for example, YouTubers who promote certain brands in their videos and get paid for it or get certain perks and benefits. Considering the popularity of the casino market, we can say that casino streamers can make a lot of money out of it. But again, this is a way to support their streaming channels. After all, it’s gambling that they do for which money is a crucial factor.

The Controversial Side to Online Casino Streaming

Many issues regarding online casino streaming have arisen recently. The issues are related to secret ‘deals’ between certain online casinos and casino streamers. The point is that casino streamers get paid for promoting the casino, get their losses covered, or get to play with fake money. All this is pretty much unfair to all the viewers and casino players as it seems to be a way to deceive all those people. For example, we watch online streamers who spin with extremely high stakes for hours and this way that paints a picture of that being a standard way of gambling which may lead to followers practicing the same strategy and ending up risking their bankrolls. While certain streamers in question get all their losses covered or play with fake money, the followers don’t have that kind of privileges.

All in all, these are only certain online casinos and certain casino streamers. So we can see those as exceptions and harmful deeds. What this should all be about is fun and experience sharing not deceiving and scamming.

The Way To Become a Casino Streamer – Is It Easy?

Casino streaming sounds and seems pretty interesting and exciting and we can understand if you want to become one of the best streamers out there. There is a lot to this, let’s say, ‘job’. You can earn money while expressing your passion for gambling through spinning the reels of your favorite slot machines. But keep in mind that although this all sounds like fun and games, it is not that easy to become a successful and famous casino streamer.

The first steps to becoming a casino streamer are relatively easy. Of course, the crucial thing is to love spinning and possess knowledge about it. Next, equipping yourself with tech stuff for streaming is another easy step and mostly affordable (this includes a microphone and a good quality webcam). Creating accounts on online platforms is another step that is not hard to do.

But what is a hard thing to do on the way of becoming a popular casino streamer is breaking the casino streaming market full of other casino streamers and reaching the top. This needs your creativity, something that will attract the viewers and make you stand out from the crowd. Another big thing is money. You need a stash as after all this is gambling and win as well as losses are a part of it so you must be prepared both mentally and financially for whatever outcome. Not every session is great; some are good, some are bad, and some are terrible or incredibly awesome.

Then, there is a long way to build a strong community and successfully make your affiliate part of the business work. Since you would be streaming on some of the platforms (such as Twitch or YouTube), you must be aware of the risk of those platforms banning your channel since new and harsh regulations from gambling authorities are appearing quite often recently and are shaking up the whole casino streaming trend.

These are all some of the things that you may meet along and this is why you need a strong will and a good strategy to become a popular casino streaming. If you are armed with all that, then your success is out there and we’ll be thrilled to have another great casino streamer who will share their casino experience and thrill with us.