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To the delight of all friends of Scandinavian history and mythology, Blueprint Gaming has released a new Viking-themed video slot called Vikings Unleashed Megaways. The game, released in 2018, brings a variety of game play with its own original design. There are six reels, but the number of rows varies. The size of the symbols is also not fixed and they can be large, filling more than one position or small, so that they can one position. Therefore, the symbols do not necessarily align symmetrically on the reels and the layout of the reel system is quite impressive.

Vikings Unleashed Slot Game Play

vikings unleashed slots free play in demo modeWhen you win, the symbols in the winning combinations explode and new symbols fall from the rows above to replace them. This makes the game spectacular and it makes it easier to collect profits. The player is given the opportunity to win again, and the same can happen many times in a row. Vikings Unleashed Megaways can be a very triumphant acquaintance in other ways, keep reading.

First, the number of pay lines is 117,649 copies. So the win can hit you in a lot of ways. The Vikings Unleashed Megaways also feature a number of extra functions and special symbols to help you win. You can win access to free spins with scatters. Free spins include Unlimited Win Multiplier, meaning the odds of winning can rise to no matter how high. It starts at level 1x, so your winnings at least double. If you are not lucky, the extras of the game can also be accessed with money, as you can also buy free spins in this game.

Whether you ended up on free spin rounds by collecting scatters or buying your way there, you can try your luck in Gamble before the Tour starts. If you are lucky, you will win additional spins and a higher winning coefficient even before the free spins start. The Vikings Unleashed Megaways have a pretty nice winning potential: the jackpot is 50,000 times your bet or more precisely £250,000 – whichever comes first.

Betting Options, Pay Lines, Winning Potential

The Vikings Unleashed Megaways have six reels and a variable number of rows. Symbol sizes range from small to large and reels can have up to seven symbols at a time. The departure of the reel system and symbols from the traditional makes the game also spectacular. The solution also increases the number of pay lines and there are as many as 117,649 different ways of winning. The winnings are viewed from left to right. Despite its large number of pay lines, playing Vikings Unleashed Megaways or following the formation of winning combinations is not difficult.

The bet icon’s arrow keys are adjusted and the game starts with a button on the right side of the screen with three green arrows. The Autoplay function allows you to automate the rotation of the reels for the required number of spins. The goal of the game is to get as many symbols as possible and as high as possible on the pay line. You get the biggest win with six yellow-bearded Viking symbols. That’s 50 times the bet. But as already stated in the introduction, you can multiply the winning bets by the bonus functions.

Vikings Unleashed Megaways will have a jackpot of £250,000 or a player’s bet back at 50,000 times. The options are mutually exclusive. The winning table and symbol multipliers can be viewed via the info button. It is a black, round, small button at the top right of the screen with a white letter ‘i’. Your winnings always consist of your bet multiplied by this number indicated on the winning table. The per round bet is £0.20 at the minimum and £10 at the maximum.

However, high rollers should not worry, money can also be spent on paid Free Spins, which can be purchased at any time during the base game. If playing for Real Money doesn’t inspire you, you can also spin Vikings Unleashed Megaways reels with Play Money on our site. This is a good way to get to know the game and its functions before switching to Real Money gaming. Learn more about the game’s special functions and you can refine your game strategy.

Vikings Unleashed Megaways Slot RTP % and Volatility

Vikings Unleashed comes with a return to player (RTP) rate of 96.5 % which is slightly above average. Theoretically, that means that with each bet of £100 that you make, you’ll get £96.5 back in your balance. The game comes with high volatility meaning that you may have to wait a bit longer for those big prizes. But when they do come, they hit pretty big.

Symbols On the Reels

In the Viking-themed Vikings Unleashed Megaways, the theme of the game is also shown in the symbols. The best winnings come from symbols depicting the game’s protagonists. The highest-ranking symbol is the yellow-bearded Viking, followed by the red-bearded Viking, the fair-haired maiden and the elderly man in the black robe. The lower-value symbols include playing card icons from nine to the ace.

The highest-ranking symbol already wins with two identical symbols, the other symbols must have at least three. As explained above, the sizes of the symbols may vary, they may be larger or smaller than one position. At maximum, one reel can have up to seven symbols. The symbols have the special feature that whenever they participate in a winning combination, they explode and are replaced by symbols above them. This can happen several times in a row if new winning combinations are formed. At its best, free fun and winnings are plentiful.

In addition to the basic symbols, you can also find special symbols on the reels and there are three different. Wilds can represent any basic symbol and thus help to form winning combinations. Scatter symbols can be used for slot free tours, which are more detailed in the bonus activities. The third of the special symbols is the hammer, which can appear anywhere with reels. Behind it is revealed a random symbol that can at best help to form a winning combination. The only symbol that can’t appear from behind it is scatter.

The Looks and Design

The symbols are placed in a theme suitable for a Viking ship. An ornate vessel travels in the sea with waves crashing around it. There is also a cloudy sky in the background of the reels. The symbols and special symbols depicting the main characters of the game are nicely colorful and bring life to the game. However, the use of letters and numbers in symbols can be considered a somewhat unimaginative solution. However, the Viking theme certainly appeals to many players and has been demonstrated by the popularity of this slot machine.

Bonus Features

Vikings Unleashed Megaways offers additional bonus features in addition to the basic game. There is basically only one bonus feature, i.e. free spins, but different extras have been built around them. In addition to the free rounds, the player receives payouts as well as the opportunity to gamble if they wish. You can use scatter symbols to access the free tours. At least four are required to activate free spins.

There are 12 Free Spins on four scatters and five additional spins on each scatter above this number. During free spins, there is a winning factor that starts at level one. It rises by one after each victory, and its maximum number is not limited. So the winnings in free spins will at least be doubled, but for the luckiest players the odds of winning a pot can be very high. Free spins also have the opportunity to collect more free spins. This is happening again with the scatters. Three scatters will give you 5 extra free spins and four will give you 10.

Free spins can be very triumphant at best, but luck is not always favourable and scatters leading to free spins do not appear on the reels at the desired rate. Vikings Unleashed Megaways fortunately have a feature not found in all slot games: you can also buy your way to free spins. You can do this by clicking the Press to Buy button on the left side of the screen at any time during the basic game. Four options open up in front of you.

You can buy 5 Free Spins, which costs 25 times your bet. 8 free spins you will receive by wagering your 50x bet, 10 at 75x your bet, and 12 free spins at 100x your bet. Either way you ended up on free spins, you can use the Gamble function before the rounds start. There you can try your luck by choosing from two different patterns. If you win, you’ll get more free spins and your payout rate will increase. You can repeat the attempt, and get a maximum of 27 free spins and a 10x payout. But if you lose, you go back to the basic game.

Summary of Vikings Unleashed Megaways Slot

Blueprint gaming’s Vikings Unleashed Megaways slot has been released in 2018. You can think of its winning potential as impressive. You can win up to £250 000 or 50 000 times your bet. A separate progressive jackpot is not included in the slot. Bet can be at a minimum of £0.20 per spin and at a maximum of £10 per spin.

Vikings Unleashed Megaways deserves praise for its appearance. The graphics and animations are beautifully crafted and spectacular. A lot of things happen visually in the game, so you can’t get bored with it. The game’s display is also enhanced by symbols of different sizes. Of course, it must be said that the Viking theme could have been used more. The letters and number symbols are clear, but dull. As a whole, however, slot’s theme has been executed nicely. One can easily imagine that the game will find its audience, for who doesn’t like the fierce Vikings. The game also offers plenty of action on behalf of its gaming operations.

Falling symbols allow you to get completely free winning turns on the base game side. In addition, special symbols, wilds and hammers, behind which a random symbol is revealed, increase tension and improve the chances of winning combinations. Free spins and winnings are available for bonuses. Vikings Unleashed Megaways comes with a feature where free spins can also be purchased. This is sure to divide players’ opinions. Some will welcome this action, but surely not everyone is used to paying extras.

All in all, choice is certainly a good thing, but your own question is the price of free spins. Depending on the number of free spins you can buy, you must pay 25-100 times your bet. It remains for the player to consider whether the free spins are not worth such amounts. In summary, Vikings Unleashed Megaways is an exciting slot game with good odds of winning and therefore definitely worth trying.